How to Add Smart WiFi Devices

How to Add Smart Devices on Your iPhone

Step-by-Step Instructions to Add Smart WiFi Devices on Your iPhone or iPad

The SURE Universal Remote for iPhone supports both Traditional and Smart devices.

To add your Smart WiFi devices, simply follow the steps below:

1. On the home screen select “ADD”.

Add Device

2. Select “WIFI DEVICE”.

Select IR or WiFi Device

3. Select your desired device type. In this example we are adding a smart TV.

WiFi Device Type

4. Select the device brand. Here we are adding a smart LG TV.

Smart TV Brands

5. Please wait for a few seconds while we search for all the devices that meet the criteria.

Once your device is discovered, select “CONNECT” next to the device name.

Smart TV Discovery

6. Congratulations! Your remote will now appear as below:

WiFi remote


Make sure to scroll through all of the panels to get the most functionality out of your remote, and find useful features like the keyboard and content browser.